Terms of purchase and sale of goods on Lawood.lv website

1. General terms.

1.1. These terms of purchase, together with the documents specified in these terms, are intended to provide information about SIA "C&T Rental" ("Seller"), as well as to present the terms of purchase and sale of goods sold in the online store ("Terms") to the persons specified in Rule 1.4 . point ("Buyer"), and who purchase goods ("Goods") in the online store at www.lawood.lv
1.2. Before ordering any Products in the online store, please read these Terms carefully and make sure you understand them correctly. Please note that before completing the order, the Buyer is obliged to agree to these Terms and Privacy Policy, without this consent, completing the order and ordering the Product is impossible. The Terms approved in this way are a legal document binding on the Parties, which determine the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller, the terms of purchase and payment of goods, the procedure for the delivery and return of goods, the responsibility of the parties and other provisions related to the purchase and sale of goods.
1.3. We also inform you that these Terms may be amended, according to the needs of the online store or if amendments are planned to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Every time you order Products, we recommend you to review the Terms, so that you always make sure that you have fully understood the conditions under which the order will be made at the time of purchase.
1.4 Buyers that have the right to buy goods on lawood.lv, 
  1. who are natural persons capable of acting - a person who is of legal age and whose legal capacity is not limited by a court judgment; 
  2. a minor between the ages of 14 and 18 who has the consent of his parents or guardians, except for cases where the person has been granted early majority or the person is considered to be of legal age;
  3. legal entities.

2. Goods.

2.1. The images of the Products provided in the online store are illustrative in nature. The Seller cannot guarantee that the screen of the Buyer's device will accurately reflect the colors of the Goods. The buyer hereby understands that the Products may differ slightly from their images. The product is considered appropriate if it corresponds to the model and/or description provided in the online store. 
2.2 All Items not listed as SOLD OUT are available. In the event that it is not possible to sell the ordered Product according to Rule 4.9. due to the stated circumstances, the Buyer is informed of the response by e-mail or other means of communication (by phone call with SMS) and the order for such Product is cancelled.
2.3. The seller has the right to determine the minimum and/or maximum order quantity for a specific product in one order.

3. Processing of personal data.

3.1. The Seller processes the Buyer's personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We advise the Buyer to read them carefully and make sure that all these terms are understandable and acceptable.

4.  Ordering goods. Conclusion of the purchase-sale agreement.

4.1. Buyers specified in Rule 1.4 may purchase Products in this online store. 
4.2. When ordering the goods, the Buyer, by confirming the Terms, confirms that he complies with criteria 1.4 Rule of the Terms and that he has the right to purchase goods in this online store.
4.3. It is recommended to carefully read and check the submitted order information at each stage of order submission.
4.4. The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered to be concluded at the moment when the Buyer has created a basket of goods in the online store, specified the Buyer's name, surname and delivery address, postal code, selected the payment method and familiarized himself with these Terms, pressed the "Buy" button and paid order. If the Order is not paid, the contract is considered not concluded. The Seller has the right to contact the Buyer using the phone number or e-mail address specified in the order, based on the concluded contract or resolving any uncertainties related to the performance of the contract.
4.5. When the Buyer submits the order and pays for it, an e-mail is sent to him confirming the receipt of the order.
4.6. When preparing the order, the Seller sends the Buyer an e-mail informing him that the Goods have been sent to the Buyer or have been prepared for collection at the office in Riga, Rītausmas Street 4a.
4.7. Each Buyer's order is registered and saved in the online store's database in accordance with the procedures specified in the Privacy Policy.
4.8. By concluding the Agreement, the Buyer agrees that an electronic invoice with purchase information will be sent to the specified e-mail address at the time of purchase.
4.9. In the event that the Seller does not have the opportunity to sell the Product, for example, because the Product is not in stock (due to an error in the warehouse system), or due to an error related to the price indicated in the online store, the Seller informs the Buyer about it by e-mail or by other means ( by phone call or by SMS) and the order will be cancelled. In case the Buyer has already paid for the Product, the Seller will refund the paid amounts within 14 (fourteen) calendar days.

5.   Buyer's rights and obligations.

5.1. The buyer has the right to purchase goods and order services in the online store in accordance with the procedures specified in these Terms.
5.2. The buyer has the right to cancel the order in accordance with the procedures specified in these Terms.
5.3. The buyer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement in accordance with the procedures specified in these Terms.
5.4. The buyer has the right to exchange or return the purchased goods in accordance with the procedures specified in these Terms.
5.5. The buyer has the rights specified in these Terms, the Privacy Policy and the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.
5.6. The buyer undertakes to provide only correct and complete information in the purchase form.
5.7. The buyer undertakes to use the online store honestly and correctly, not to harm its work or stable operation.
5.8. The buyer is obliged to pay for the ordered Goods and accept them in accordance with the procedures of these Terms.
5.9. The Buyer undertakes to inspect the Product before starting to use the Product (including before putting it together, assembling, etc.) and making sure that the Product received is the one the Buyer ordered.
5.10.  The buyer is obliged to comply with other requirements provided for in these Terms and legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

6.  Obligations of the buyer.

6.1. The Buyer, using the www.lawood.lv website, must fulfill his obligations, comply with these Terms, the Privacy Policy and other regulations that are clearly indicated on the www.lawood.lv website, and the Buyer must also not violate the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

7.  Rights and obligations of the seller.

7.1. The Seller has the right to cancel the Buyer's order without prior notice if the Buyer chooses the payment method mentioned in clauses 3 and 4 of Rule 10.2 and does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) working days, if the Buyer has not agreed on other payment terms with the Seller.
7.2. If the Seller has any doubts regarding the order information, the Seller has the right to contact the Buyer using the details specified in the order. In this case, the term of delivery of goods starts from the day when the Seller has contacted the Buyer.

7.3. The Seller has the right to cancel the order without prior notice to the Buyer:

  1. if the Seller fails to contact the Buyer within 2 (two) business days after submitting the order;
  2. if the Buyer does not provide the Seller with the requested information within the deadline specified by the Seller;
  3. if the Buyer does not give the Seller consent to check his personal data.

7.4. The seller has the rights specified in these Terms, the Privacy Policy and the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.
7.5.  The seller undertakes:

  1. make every effort to ensure the conditions for the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the online store;
  2. respect the Buyer's privacy, process the Buyer's personal data only in accordance with the procedures specified in the Terms, Privacy Policy and legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
  3. The seller undertakes to comply with all requirements specified in these Terms.

8.  Obligations of the seller.

8.1. The Seller undertakes to fulfill the Buyer's orders in accordance with the procedures specified in these Terms and to communicate with the Buyer using only the contact information provided by the Buyer.
8.2. The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer's privacy, to process the Buyer's Personal Data only in accordance with the Terms, Privacy Policy and legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.
8.3. According to the conditions of the Terms, the Seller undertakes to deliver the Goods ordered by the Buyer and to accept the goods sent back by the Buyer.
8.4. If the Seller is unable to deliver the ordered Product to the Buyer due to important circumstances, the Seller undertakes to refund the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) working days, if prepayment has been made, and cancel the order.
8.5. The seller undertakes to fulfill the other obligations imposed on it by these Terms, the Privacy Policy and the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

9.  Right to withdraw from the purchase contract, return and exchange of goods.

9.1. The Buyer (natural person) has the right to use the right of refusal, without giving a reason, if the Buyer does not like the shape, size, color, model or package of the purchased goods and unilaterally withdraw from the Agreement by returning the received Goods - in the time period specified in point 9.3 of these Terms. This provision means that when reconsidering or for other reasons deciding to abandon the Product, the Buyer has the right to notify the Seller of his request to return the goods to the Seller and receive the paid money. The costs of returning the product must be borne by the Buyer.
9.2. The buyer (natural person) cannot use the right of refusal and cannot return the Goods in the cases specified in point 22 Cabinet of Ministers 20.05.2014. regulation no. 255 "Rules on distance contracts" and also if:
  1. The Product is made according to the Buyer's instructions or the Product is clearly personalized (adapted to the Buyer's personal needs);
  2. The product is perishable or soon to expire;
  3. The Buyer has opened the packaging for the Product, which cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons;
  4. Due to its characteristics, the product is irreversibly mixed with other things after delivery;
  5. The buyer has opened the package of the audio recording or video recording or computer programs;
  6. newspapers, periodicals or magazines are supplied, except where they are supplied under a subscription agreement;
  7. baby clothes are unpacked and used;
  8. baby toys, baby care products have been unpacked and used;
  9. shoes and clothes are used;
  10. perfumery, cosmetics and body care products have been unpacked and used;
  11. men's, boys', women's or girls' knitted underwear unwrapped and used;
  12. tights, socks, stockings and similar products have been unpacked and used;
  13. medical or surgical devices and apparatus are unpacked;
9.3. The buyer has the right to exchange the purchased goods for similar goods of other sizes, shapes, colors, models or packages within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery of the goods. If a price difference occurs when exchanging goods, the Buyer must settle with the Seller according to the recalculated prices.
9.4. The 14-day period for exercising the right of withdrawal is calculated as follows:
  1.  if the Product is purchased by concluding the Agreement - from the day when the Buyer or a third party indicated by the Buyer, who is not a carrier, has received the Product;
  2.  if the Buyer has ordered several Goods in one order, which are delivered separately, - from the day when the Buyer or a third party indicated by the Buyer, who is not a carrier, has received the last Goods;
  3. if the Product consisting of several lots or parts is delivered - from the day when the Buyer or a third party indicated by the Buyer, who is not a carrier, has received the last lot or part of the Product;
  4. for contracts for regular delivery of Goods - from the day when the Buyer or a third party indicated by the Buyer, who is not a carrier (courier), has received the first item.
  5. If the end of the term falls on an "officially" designated holiday in the country, the right of withdrawal can be exercised until the working day following the end date of the said term (including it).
9.5. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must inform the Seller of the decision to withdraw from the Agreement by sending or submitting a relevant written notice in free form, which would include the Buyer's notice of withdrawal from the Agreement, or by filling out the withdrawal form in PDF format, WORD format. The cancellation notice and the Cancellation form can be sent electronically to the e-mail address: [email protected] Upon receiving the Buyer's notice electronically, the Seller immediately sends the Buyer confirmation of receipt of the notice to the Buyer's e-mail.
9.6. The Buyer shall return the Goods to the Seller immediately, but no later than within 14 days after submitting or sending the cancellation form or notice of exercising the right of cancellation to the Seller. The deadline is considered met if the Buyer hands over the Goods to the Seller before the expiry of the 14-day deadline. The buyer bears the cost of returning the Product.
9.7. If the Buyer has chosen to pick up the Product at the office, the Buyer has the right to inspect the Product in order to ascertain its nature, characteristics and operations. However, clarification and verification of the nature of the Product shall be carried out to the extent that it is possible to do in the office on site.
9.8. The Buyer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the Product or its use contrary to good faith (including, but not limited to, the cases specified in point 9.9 of these Terms), if the Product was used for a purpose other than to clarify the nature, properties and operation of the Product during the exercise of the right of withdrawal.
9.9. The returned Product must not be damaged or used in a way that goes beyond the use of the Product to determine and test its nature, properties and functions. The buyer tries to keep the original packaging, authentic labels and protective bags for the returned Product. Products must be returned complete with the same accessories with which they were sold, together with the Product instructions and warranty card if they were delivered with the Product. Gifts received for the Goods must also be returned.
9.10. The invoice number and order number must be provided when returning the Product. If possible, the Buyer attaches an invoice so that the Seller can provide the Buyer with a refund for the purchased Product as soon as possible.
9.11. The buyer who returned the Goods will be refunded all money paid for the Goods, including delivery costs. The Seller returns the money for the Goods and delivery costs no later than 14 days from the day the Seller received information about the Buyer's decision to withdraw from the Agreement and received the returned Goods. If only a part of the Goods is returned, the delivery costs will be refunded only if, and only to the extent, the remaining Goods of the same order, if purchased separately, would be charged a lower rate than the tariff charged if the Goods were purchased together with the Goods being returned , which is equal to the specified tariff difference. If the Buyer has chosen to use a delivery method other than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Seller, the Seller is not obliged to reimburse the Buyer for additional delivery costs.
9.12. The Seller transfers the refundable amounts to the bank account specified in the Buyer's notice of withdrawal from the Agreement or withdrawal form.
9.13. The Seller has the right to withhold the refund to the Buyer until the Seller has received the Product.
9.14. In case the Goods were delivered to the Buyer after withdrawal from the Agreement:
  1. The Buyer is obliged to immediately return the Goods to the Seller;
  2. The Buyer is obliged to properly take care of the preservation of the Goods until they are returned to the Seller;
  3. The price of the product and the delivery costs shall be compensated to the Buyer in accordance with point 9.11. these Terms.
9.15. In all cases, the buyer has rights arising from improper sale of the Product, which are provided for by the laws of the Republic of Latvia. The return rules specified in point 9 or other clauses of the Terms do not affect the existence of these rights.
9.16. Upon receiving the goods, the Seller undertakes to replace them with the same goods, only in the shape, size, color, model or package as specified by the Buyer. If the Seller does not have an item suitable for exchange, he shall refund the money received for the item to the Buyer. The money is returned to the Buyer within 14 calendar days after the Seller has received the Buyer's notification of the desire to exercise this right, but if the Buyer has not returned the product to the Seller, the term mentioned in this paragraph starts counting from the day the Product is returned to the Seller.
9.17. The Buyer must pay the costs of delivering the goods and the costs of sending the goods back, but the Seller, when he has made sure that the goods have been returned due to inadequate quality, must reimburse the Buyer for the costs of delivery and return shipping.
9.18. The purchase contract is not canceled and the money is not refunded for those goods that have been damaged intentionally or due to negligence (exposed to chemicals, water, open flames, high temperatures, sharp objects, etc.) or if the rules of use or storage of the goods have been violated, or the goods are used incorrectly or inappropriately for the intended task.
9.19. Exchange and return of goods if the wrong goods have been delivered:

  1. If the wrong goods have been delivered to the Buyer, the Buyer must be informed immediately, but no later than within 7 working days, by e-mail [email protected] or by calling +371 20577992. Upon receiving information about wrongly delivered goods, the Seller undertakes, at his own expense, the following receive the goods back and replace them with the correct goods. If the Seller does not have the ordered goods, he will refund the money received for the goods to the Buyer. The money is returned to the Buyer within 14 calendar days after the Seller has received the Buyer's notice of withdrawal from the contract and the product.
9.20. The buyer can use the right to return the goods only if the deadline for returning the goods has not been missed. When returning goods, additional requirements are applied: the goods have not been damaged or their appearance has not changed significantly, they have not been used.
9.21.  When returning the goods, the Buyer must provide the Seller's address and properly pack the goods so that they are not damaged during transportation. The seller has the right not to refund money for goods returned with defects. The Seller is not responsible for shipments that the Buyer has sent incorrectly packed, with an incorrect address, as well as if the shipments are lost or damaged during transportation.
9.22. If the Buyer has purchased a set of goods, he must return the entire set of goods to the Seller, the buyer can exercise his right to return the goods only in relation to all the goods in the set.

10.  Product prices, payment procedures, delivery times and delivery costs.

10.1. The prices of goods are indicated in euros, including VAT (where it is applied) in the amount that is applied at the given time in the Republic of Latvia.

10.2. The Buyer can pay for the ordered goods in one of the following ways (the choice may be limited, so the final list of payment methods applicable to the relevant order is indicated with the relevant order):

  1. using internet banking;
  2. payment (credit or debit) card online;
  3. by bank transfer to the Seller's account specified in the prepaid invoice;
  4. in cash at the office Rītausmas iela 4a, by contacting in advance by phone +371 20577992 or e-mail [email protected]

10.3. When the Seller receives payment for the goods, the order is confirmed.
10.4. By agreeing to the Terms, the Buyer agrees that the documents for the purchase of goods - invoices, which are also warranty vouchers for the goods, can be issued to him physically together with the goods or electronically to the e-mail address specified in the Buyer's registration form, immediately after the order is fulfilled. The invoices indicate the details of the Seller, the selected goods, their quantity, granted discounts, the final price of the goods, including all taxes, and all other data determined by accounting legislation.
10.5. After the Seller has confirmed the order, the price of the goods may change only in exceptional cases, when the price of the goods has changed due to a technical error in the information systems, correction of obvious (negligence) errors, or other objective reasons beyond the Seller's control. If in such a case the Buyer does not agree to purchase the product at the new price, the Buyer may cancel the order by informing the Seller electronically via e-mail [email protected] within 2 working days. After canceling the order in accordance with the procedure specified in this paragraph, the Seller undertakes to refund to the Buyer all the sums he paid for the canceled order.
10.6. Product prices may change, but such changes will have no effect on already concluded Agreements. Except for the cases stipulated in point 10.5 of these Terms.
10.7. Product prices do not include the costs of order preparation, delivery and handling. The cost of delivery, which is indicated in the online store, may change. Current delivery prices are provided in the "Delivery" section.
10.8. Online payments are provided by third parties (banking institutions) who are not parties to the Agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller. Third parties who are entitled to provide non-cash payment services are responsible for the processing of Buyers' data in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data and data security.
10.9. Detailed information related to payment is provided in the "Payment" section.

11. Manufacturer's warranty and Buyer's rights in case of non-conforming goods.

11.1. Some of the Goods sold by the Seller are covered by a manufacturer's warranty.
11.2. The manufacturer's warranty supplements the Buyer's rights related to poor quality Goods.
11.3. The warranty obligations of the product manufacturer are valid only in the event that the product operating conditions have not been violated. Before using the Product, the Buyer must carefully read the Product's operating instructions, if there is one.
11.4. Product defects are eliminated, as well as non-conforming Products are replaced or returned, based on the procedures established in these Terms and taking into account the requirements of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

11.5. The buyer who wants to file a complaint about low-quality or incompletely assembled Products or for repair, Buyer inform Seller by e-mail [email protected] of returning the possibly non-compliant Product, taking into account that:

  1. purchased goods can be returned for warranty repair to the office, address: Rītausmas iela 4a, Riga, by contacting in advance by phone +371 20577992 or e-mail [email protected] - form for warranty service application in PDF format, WORD format.
  2. low-quality goods, as well as goods that do not work and are not subject to warranty repair, can be returned to the office: Rītausmas iela 4a, Riga, by contacting in advance by phone 20577992 or e-mail [email protected] - form for exchange of goods or refund application in PDF format, WORD format
11.6. When submitting a complaint, the Buyer must provide the following information:
  1. Product invoice and order number. If possible, the Buyer shall attach the invoice so that the Seller can consider the Buyer's complaint as soon as possible;
  2. the Product's defect, signs of damage or missing part must be indicated;
11.7. When submitting a complaint, the Buyer must indicate one of the ways in which the Buyer wishes the claim to be resolved:
  1. partial return of the purchase amount, taking into account the wear and tear of the Product or the benefit that the Buyer obtained from using the Product, if the Seller and the Buyer have agreed on this;
  2. to replace the Product with an analogous Product of appropriate quality within a reasonable period of time without compensation, except in cases where the defects are small/insignificant or were caused by the Buyer's fault;
  3. cancel the Agreement and refund to the Buyer the entire amount of money paid for the Product, except for the case where the non-conformity of the Product is minor and cannot significantly affect the Buyer's ability to use the product. The non-conformity of the Product is considered minor if it does not significantly reduce the quality of performance of the basic functions of the Product or the characteristics of use and it can be eliminated without causing visually detectable changes in the external appearance of the Product.
11.8. Izskatot sūdzību, atbilde tiek sniegta 14 dienu laikā no sūdzības saņemšanas dienas. Ja objektīvu iemeslu dēļ minētajā termiņā nav iespējams sniegt atbildi uz Pircēja sūdzību, Pārdevējs nekavējoties rakstveidā informē par to Pircēju, norādot saprātīgu termiņu, kurā atbilde tiks sniegta, kā arī pamato šāda pagarinājuma nepieciešamību.
11.9. Iespējami neatbilstošas kvalitātes Preces vispirms tiek nogādātas Pārdevēja garantijas apkalpošanas servisos. Tikai konstatējot, ka Prece ir neatbilstošas kvalitātes Prece, Pircēja lūgums par neatbilstošas kvalitātes Precēm var tikt izpildīts.
11.10. Garantijas apkalpošanas ilgums ir no 7 līdz 30 kalendārajām dienām. Izņēmuma gadījumos, ja Preces tiek sūtītas uz garantijas apkalpošanas centriem citā ES valstī, preces garantijas apkalpošanas process var ilgt no 14 līdz 70 kalendārajām dienām, atkarībā no preces rakstura. Uzsveram, ka visos gadījumos garantijas apkalpošanas procesu cenšamies īstenot pēc iespējas īsākā laika periodā.
11.11. Iekārtās, kas tiek nogādātas garantijas apkalpošanai, nedrīkst atrasties Pircēja personas dati un SIM kartes. Pārdevējs neatbild un nesedz izdevumus par informāciju, kas atrodas garantijas apkalpošanai iesniegtajās iekārtās, šādas informācijas atgūšanu un atjaunošanu.
11.12 Nepaņemtās, garantijas apkalpošanai nodotās Preces tiek uzglabātas 3 mēnešus. Šo termiņu sāk skaitīt no pirmā paziņojuma Pircējam, izmantojot norādīto kontaktinformāciju (tālruni, e-pasta adresi u. tml.), par to, ka Pircējs var saņemt Preci, kas atgriezās no garantijas apkalpošanas centra. Ja Pircējs nepaņem Preces norādītajā termiņā, Pārdevējam ir tiesības Preces vairs neuzglabāt, Prece var tikt utilizēta. Šādā gadījumā Pārdevējs nav atbildīgs par nesaņemtajā Precē palikušo Pircēja informāciju un citiem Pircēja zaudējumiem, kas radās saistībā ar šādu Preces iznīcināšanu.

12. Preču piegāde.

12.1.  Pasūtot Preces, Pircējs var izvēlēties vienu no preču piegādes veidiem, kuri norādīti pārdodamās preces iegādāšanās procesā.
12.2. Ja Pircējs pasūtījuma veikšanas laikā izvēlas preču piegādi mājās:

  1. Pircējs apņemas norādīt precīzu preču piegādes vietu.
  2. Pircējs apņemas pats pieņemt preces. Preču saņemšanas brīdī jāuzrāda derīgs personu apliecinošs dokuments (personas apliecība vai pase). Ja Pircējs pats nepieņem preces, kaut arī preces ir piegādātas uz Pircēja norādīto adresi, Pārdevējam ir tiesības nodot preces citai personai, kura atrodas norādītajā adresē, un Pircējam nebūs tiesību izteikt Pārdevējam jebkādas pretenzijas par preču piegādi nepareizajai personai.
  3. Preces piegādā Pārdevējs vai tā pilnvarots pārstāvis.  
  4. Samaksa par preču piegādi mājās neietver pasūtīto preču uznešanu augstāk par pirmo stāvu.
  5. Precīza piegādes cena ir atkarīga no pasūtamo Preču svara un cenas.  Aktuālie piegādes izcenojumi ir sniegti sadaļā Piegāde.
  6. Īpašumtiesības uz Preci pāriet Pircējam ar to brīdi, kad Pārdevēja kurjers nodod Preces Pircējam. Ja Preces pārvadātāju izvēlas pircējs, kas nav Pārdevēja piedāvātais piegādātājs, šajā gadījumā norādītais risks pāriet Pircējam ar brīdi, kad Prece tiek nodota pārvadātājam.
  7. Konstatējot sūtījuma iepakojuma bojājumu, Pircējam vai trešajai personai, kuru norādījis Pircējs, ir tiesības sūtījumu nepieņemt. Šādā gadījumā kurjeru pakalpojumus sniedzošās organizācijas pārstāvis kopā ar Pircēju vai trešo personu, kuru norādījis Pircējs, aizpilda speciālu sūtījuma pārbaudes aktu, ko iesniedz kurjeru pakalpojumus sniedzošās organizācijas pārstāvis, kurā norāda konstatētos bojājumus.
  8. Pircējam vai trešajai personai, kuru norādījis Pircējs, pieņemot sūtījumu un parakstoties kurjeru pakalpojumus sniedzošās organizācijas pārstāvja iesniegtajā datu uzkrāšanas ierīcē vai uz papīra piegādes apliecinājuma bez piezīmēm, tiek pieņemts, ka Preces ir piegādāts pienācīgā veidā.
  9. Ja plānotajā Preču piegādes dienā Preces netiek piegādātas, Pircējs nekavējoties, bet ne vēlāk kā nākamajā dienā pēc plānotās Preču piegādes dienas, par to informē Pārdevēju.
  10. Ja Preces pieņems ne Pircējs, Pircējam ir pienākums norādīt Preces pieņemošās personas datus, aizpildot pasūtījuma piegādes informāciju.
  11. Pircējam ir pienākums 14 dienu laikā no Preču piegādes brīža pārbaudīt Preču iepakojumus, daudzumu, kvalitāti, sortimentu, piederumus un komplektāciju. Ja Pircējs norādītajā termiņā neizpilda šo pienākumu un neiesniedz Pārdevējam pretenziju, tiek pieņemts, ka Preču iepakojums ir pienācīgā stāvoklī kā arī daudzums, kvalitāte, sortiments, piederumi un komplektācija atbilst Līguma nosacījumiem.
  12. Sūtījuma piegādes brīdī Pircējam vai trešajai personai, kuru norādījis Pircējs, ir pienākums kopā ar transportlīdzekļa pārstāvi pārbaudīt sūtījuma iepakojuma stāvokli.
  13. Ja Pircējs konstatē, ka sūtījums ir bojāts, Pircējam ir pienākums:
  • norādīt to kurjeram, kurš piegādājis Preci;
  • sūtījuma piegādes dokumentā atzīmēt, ka iepakojumam ir bojājumi un kopā ar kurjeru aizpildīt Iepakojuma bojājumu (pārbaudes) aktu;
  • pārbaudīt iepakojumu iekšpusē esošās Preces un, ja tās ir bojātas, bojājumus fiksēt ar fotogrāfijām. Fotogrāfijas būs nepieciešamas Preču atgriešanas procedūrai par neatbilstošas Preces piegādi;
  • ja Preces iepakojums nav bojāts, kurjera klātbūtnē Preci pārbaudīt nav nepieciešams.
12.3.  Ja Pircējs pasūtījuma veikšanas laikā izvēlas preču saņemšanu vienā no Latvijas pasta nodaļām:
  1. Pircējs var saņemt preces vienā no Latvijas pasta nodaļām, samaksājot norādīto pirkuma un preču piegādes maksu. Ja pircējs nesamaksā minēto maksu, preces netiek izsūtītas.
  2. Preces var saņemt ne tikai pasūtījumā norādītais saņēmējs, bet arī cita persona, kas norādīta pasūtījuma veikšanas brīdī. Preču saņemšanas brīdī Latvijas pasta darbiniekam jāuzrāda derīgs personu apliecinošs dokuments (personas apliecība vai pase).
  3. Preču saņemšana Latvijas pasta nodaļās nav iespējama šādos gadījumos:
  • Ja pasūtīto preču kopējais svars pārsniedz 20 kg.
  • Ja no Pārdevēja pasūtīto preču kopējo izmēru dēļ nav iespējams sniegt šo pakalpojumu.
12.4.  Pircējs preces bez maksas var saņemt birojā Rīgā, Rītausmas ielā 4a. Ja Pircējs pasūtījuma veikšanas laikā izvēlas šo veidu:
  1. Pēc tam, kad Pārdevējs ir sagatavojis Preces saņemšanai, Pircējs tiek informēts pa e-pastu vai ar citu saziņas līdzekļu (telefoniski vai SMS) palīdzību par to, ka Preces ir sagatavotas saņemšanai.
  2. Pasūtītās preces jāizņem ne vēlāk kā 3 darba dienu laikā pēc tam, kad Pārdevējs ir saņēmis pasūtījuma apmaksu un ir informējis par to Pircēju. Izņemot gadījumus, ja Pircējs un Pārdevējs ir norunājis citus izņemšanas termiņu.
  3. Preces var saņemt tikai persona, kas veikusi pasūtījumu, vai persona, kas norādīta pasūtījuma veikšanas brīdī. Preču saņemšanas brīdī darbiniekam jāuzrāda derīgs personu apliecinošs dokuments (personas apliecība vai pase).
  4. Preču fiziskas saņemšanas gadījumā birojā – ar darbinieku jāpārbauda sūtījuma un preces (preču) stāvoklis. Pēc tam, kad Pircējs neizskata iepakojuma bojājuma pretenzijas, tiek uzskatīts, ka preces ir nodotas pienācīgā stāvoklī un tām nav bojājumu, kā arī nav preces (preču) komplektācijas neatbilstību (tādu, kuras var noteikt preču ārējās apskates laikā). Ja Pircējs konstatē, ka preces iepakojums ir bojāts (saburzīts, slapjš vai citādi ārēji bojāts), prece (-es) ir bojāta (-as) un/vai preces (preču) komplektācija ir nepilna, tad Pircējam un biroja darbiniekam, jāsastāda brīvas formas akts par sūtījuma un/vai preces (preču) bojājumiem/neatbilstībām. Ja Pircējs neveic šīs darbības, Pārdevējs no atbildības par preču bojājumiem, ja šādu bojājumu rašanās nav saistīta ar rūpnīcas brāķi, kā arī no atbildības par preču komplektācijas neatbilstībām tiek atbrīvots, bet tikai tajā gadījumā, ja šādas neatbilstības var noteikt preču ārējās apskates laikā.
12.5. Ja Pircējs pasūtījuma veikšanas laikā izvēlas Preču piegādi ar Omniva pakomātu, DPD PickUp punktu, Cirkle K uzpildes staciju, Latvijas Pasta pakomātu, Venipak pakomātu, Itella pakomātu:
  1. Omniva pakomātos var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz 30 kg.
  2. DPD PickUP punktos var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz 20 kg.
  3. Cirkle K uzpildes stacijās var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz 10 kg.
  4. Latvijas Pasta pakomātos var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz  31.5 kg.
  5. Venipak pakomātos var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz 30 kg.
  6. Itella pakomātos var saņemt preces, kuru svars nepārsniedz 35 kg. 
12.6. Piegādes nosacījumus un maksu var aprakstīt sadaļā "Piegāde"
12.7. Preču piegādes termiņi ir provizoriski. 
12.8. Ja Pārdevējs preces nepiegādā pasūtījumā noteiktajā termiņā un Puses nevienojas par papildu termiņu preču piegādei, Pircējs var atkāpties no precēm Noteikumos noteiktajā kārtībā.
12.9. Pārdevējs tiek atbrīvots no atbildības par preču piegādes termiņa pārkāpumu, ja preces Pircējam nav piegādātas vai nav piegādātas laikā tādu trešo personu vainas dēļ, kuras nav saistītas un/vai nav atkarīgas no Pārdevēja, vai no Pircēja atkarīgu apstākļu dēļ.
12.10. Preču nejauša zaudējuma vai bojājuma risks pāriet Pircējam no brīža, kad preces tiek nodotas Pircējam.
12.11. Ja Pircējs neizņem preces noteiktajā termiņā vai tās neizdodas izsniegt Pircējam un Pircējs ir samaksājis par precēm un to piegādi, Pārdevējs vai piegādes pārstāvji sazinās ar Pircēju, lai vienotos par citu preču piegādes laiku un/vai veidu. Ja Pircējs joprojām neizņem preces vai neizdodas tās izsniegt Pircējam, šādas preces tiek nosūtītas atpakaļ Pārdevējam, pasūtījums tiek anulēts, Pircējam tiek atmaksāta par precēm samaksātā nauda, bet Pircējam netiek atmaksāta par precēm samaksātā piegādes maksa.

13.  Atbildība.

13.1. Pircējs ir atbildīgs par prettiesiskām darbībām, kuras veic, izmantojot www.lawood.lv mājas lapu.
13.2. Pircējs atbild par darbībām, kas veiktas, izmantojot interneta veikalu, tajā skaitā, bet ne tikai, par pirkuma formā sniegto datu pareizību.
13.3. Pircējs uzņemas atbildību par sekām, kas radās reģistrācijas formā sniegto datu kļūdu vai neprecizitātes dēļ.
13.4. Pārdevējs, ciktāl tas nav pretrunā ar piemērojamiem tiesību aktiem, tiek atbrīvots no jebkādas atbildības tajos gadījumos, kad zaudējumi rodas tāpēc, ka Pircējs, neņemot vērā Pārdevēja rekomendācijas un savas saistības, neiepazinās ar šiem Noteikumiem, šo Privātuma politiku un citiem Noteikumos norādītajiem dokumentiem, lai gan šāda iespēja tam tika nodrošināta.
13.5. Par Līguma, kas noslēgts izmantojot interneta veikalu, pārkāpumu puses atbild Latvijas Republikas tiesību aktos noteiktajā kārtībā.
13.6. Gadījumā, ja Pārdevējs pārkāpj šo Noteikumu nosacījumus, tas ir atbildīgs par Pircējam radušos kaitējumu vai zaudējumiem, kas radās, kā šo Noteikumu pārkāpuma paredzamās sekas. Kaitējums vai zaudējumi tiek uzskatīti par paredzamiem, ja tie ir acīmredzami Pārdevēja pārkāpuma sekas vai, ja šādu kaitējumu vai zaudējumus Pārdevējs un Pircējs apzinājās Līguma slēgšanas brīdī.
13.7. Pārdevējs piegādā Preces tikai mājsaimniecības vajadzībām un personīgai lietošanai. Pircējs apņemas neizmantot pārdodamās Preces komerciālos, uzņēmējdarbības vai tālākpārdošanas nolūkos, un Pārdevējs nebūs atbildīgs par jebkādu Pircēja negūto peļņu, uzņēmējdarbības zaudējumiem, darbības traucējumiem vai zaudējumiem saistībā ar zaudētām uzņēmējdarbības iespējām.

14.  Notikumi ārpus Pārdevēja kontroles.

14.1.  Pārdevējs nav atbildīgs par Līguma vai jebkādu Līgumā noteikto saistību nepildīšanu vai novēlotu izpildi, ja šāda neizpilde vai kavēšanās ir radusies nepārvaramas varas apstākļu dēļ.
14.2.  Gadījumā, ja notiek notikums ārpus Pārdevēja kontroles, kas ietekmē pienācīgu Pārdevēja saistību izpildi saskaņā ar Līgumu:

  1. Pārdevējs nekavējoties informēs Pircēju;
  2. Pārdevēja saistību, kas izriet no Līguma, izpilde tiks apstādināta un saistību izpildes termiņš tiks pagarināts par termiņu, kas vienāds ar notikuma ārpus Pārdevēja kontroles ilgumu. Ja notikumi ārpus Pārdevēja kontroles ietekmē Preču piegādi Pircējam, Pārdevējs saskaņos jaunu piegādes datumu pēc Pārdevēja notikumu ārpus Pārdevēja kontroles beigām.

15.  Mārketinga pasākumi.

15.1. Pārdevējs pēc saviem ieskatiem var uzsākt dažādas akcijas vai spēles.
15.2. Pārdevējam ir tiesības vienpusēji, bez iepriekšēja brīdinājuma mainīt akciju vai spēļu noteikumus, kā arī tās atcelt. 

16.  Informācijas apmaiņa

16.1.  Visa saziņa saistībā ar preču iegādi notiek caur sadaļā "Kontakti" norādīto kontaktinformāciju. 
16.2. SIA C&T R šajos Noteikumos un Privātuma politikā noteiktajā kārtībā visus ziņojumus nosūta uz preču pasūtīšanas laikā norādīto e-pasta adresi vai īsziņu uz viņa norādīto tālruņa numuru.

17.  Citi noteikumi

17.1. Jebkuram Līgumam, kas tiek slēgts starp Pārdevēju un Pircēju, tiek piemēroti šie Noteikumi kopā ar dokumentiem, kas ir skaidri norādīti Noteikumos. Jebkādas atkāpes no šiem Noteikumiem ir spēkā tikai tādā gadījumā, ja tās ir noformētas ar rakstisku dokumentu.
17.2. Pircējam, ņemot vērā Latvijas Republikas tiesību aktus, ir noteiktas tiesības, kas ir saistītas ar neatbilstošas kvalitātes Precēm. Nekāds šo Noteikumu nosacījums nebūtu jāinterpretē kā tāds, kas aprobežo vai ierobežo šādu tiesību izmantošanu.
17.3. Pārdevējam ir tiesības nodot savas tiesības un pienākumus saskaņā ar Līgumu trešajai personai vai personām, taču šādu tiesību un pienākumu nodošanai nebūs nekādas ietekmes uz Pircēja tiesībām un Pārdevēja saistībām saskaņā ar šiem Noteikumiem. Šādas nodošanas gadījumā Pārdevējs informēs Pircēju, sniedzot informāciju pa preču pasūtīšanas laikā norādīto e-pasta adresi vai īsziņu uz viņa norādīto tālruņa numuru.
17.4. Pircējam nav tiesību nodot visas vai daļu tiesību vai saistību, kas izriet no šiem Noteikumiem, trešajai personai vai personām bez Pārdevēja rakstiskas piekrišanas.
17.5. Ja kādu no šiem Noteikumiem tiesa atzīst par nelikumīgu, nederīgu vai nepiemērojamu, pārējie šo Noteikumu nosacījumi paliek spēkā un piemērojami pilnā apmērā. Jebkurš šo Noteikumu nosacījums, kas atzīts par nelikumīgu, nederīgu vai nepiemērojamu tikai daļēji vai noteiktā apmērā, paliks spēkā tādā apmērā, kādā tas netika atzīts par nelikumīgu, nederīgu vai nepiemērojamu.
17.6. Šiem Noteikumiem un attiecībām starp pusēm saskaņā ar šiem Noteikumiem (tajā skaitā arī Līguma slēgšanas, spēkā esamības, piemērošanas un izbeigšanas jautājumiem) piemērojami Latvijas Republikas normatīvie akti, un tie skaidrojami, pamatojoties uz Latvijas Republikas normatīvajiem aktiem.
17.7. Katrs strīds, nesaskaņa vai prasība, kas izriet no šiem Noteikumiem vai ir saistīti ar šiem Noteikumiem, to pārkāpšanu, izbeigšanu vai spēkā esamību, galīgi izšķirami Latvijas Republikas normatīvajos aktos noteiktajā kārtībā.
17.8. Strīdi starp Pircēju un Pārdevēju risināmi savstarpēju sarunu ceļā. Ja Pārdevējs atsakās apmierināt Pircēja sūdzību vai Pircējs nepiekrīt Pārdevēja piedāvātajiem risinājumiem un nosaka, ka tā tiesības vai intereses tika pārkāptas, Pircējs var iesniegt sūdzību Patērētāju ārpus tiesas strīdu risināšanas komisijā, kas atrodas Brīvības iela 55, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1010 un, kura risina patērētāju strīdus (vairāk informācijas par strīdu risināšanu pieejama https://www.ptac.gov.lv/lv)
17.9. Papildus iepriekš norādītajam, Pircējs var izmantot elektronisko strīdu risināšanas platformu (ODR), lai atrisinātu strīdus par interneta vietnē pirktajām precēm vai pakalpojumiem. Vairāk informācijas http://ec.europa.eu/odr.
 17.10. Šie Noteikumi ir izstrādāti saskaņā ar Latvijas Republikas tiesību aktiem.

Šos Preču pirkšanas-pārdošanas noteikumus varat lejuplādēt šeit.

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